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NMM 2583 Black Edit, Acrylic Panel

  • $115.00


For those looking for a frame-free wall art option, our scratch resistant acrylic glass is perfect for displaying your Project Stardust fine art. With crystal clear, diamond polished edges and stunning, luminous colors, a custom acrylic panel creates a dramatic focal point for any wall, shelf or mantelpiece.

Our acrylic panels begin with a premium 12-color fine art Giclée print, which is then hand mounted onto 10mm thick high-gloss acrylic perspex with an invisible floating subframe. 

Project Stardust acrylic panels are durable, water resistant and will protect your pictures from harmful UV light, keeping color fresh and vivid for years to come. 


Each Project Stardust fine art product includes a certificate of authenticity, which is printed on high quality matte photo paper and shipped in a protective tube.


NMM 2583 is an aerodynamic crystalline droplet with a long glass tail. This rare particle features characteristics of both cryptocrystalline and glass micrometeorites, making it a unique composite (CC/V-type) micrometeorite. Its brown olivine/glass body is composed mainly of magnesium silicate with traces of iron cation, Fe3+, and two small nickel-iron beads. Measuring 0.5 mm, NMM 2583 is significantly larger than average sized micrometeorites and is therefore considered a giant. Discovered by Project Stardust Founder Jon Larsen on August 1, 2020 in Bjørnemyr, Nesodden, Norway, NMM 2583 is a rare treasure, indeed.



Please note that each Project Stardust fine art product may take up to 3 weeks to be manufactured and shipped from the UK. Shipping times vary and customs or duty fees may apply. Free express shipping is included with every fine art purchase.


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Jon Larsen & Jan Kihle