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How to find Stardust Ebook

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How To Find Stardust shows you Jon Larsen's simple method so that you can find your own micrometeorites.

How to separate alien rocks from their terrestrial imposters is shown here for the first time, step by step, illustrated and explained in an easy way. The first part of the book is about gear and equipment – a magnet, plastic bags, a tea strainer, and some magnification – how to use it, where and when. This is fun at home for all ages.

Then comes a brief presentation on what you can expect to find in the urban dust: industrial and naturally occurring particles as well as micrometeorites. Larsen presents beautiful illustrations of micrometeorites and numerous Earthly particles that, to the untrained eye, could be mistaken for a micrometeorite. Use this part of the book as a roadmap through the maze of contaminants found in dust from populated areas.

The third and last part of the book is about how to identify and photograph micrometeorites, and how to keep your collection tidy.

Join the hunt for stardust today!

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